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Some of Our Creations

We Can reproduce nearly 100 species of flowers as well as many other items of great esthetic value such as figurines, jewelry and many other things available for you.


Gardenias, Iris, Hibiscus and many more.


Arrangements for cakes, fiancee bouquets, tables decoration and more.

Birds and animals

Birds, chickens, swans and more.

Goblins and fantasy

Arrangements for cakes, fiancee bouquets, tables decoration and more.


Medallions, hairpins and more.

Decorative eggs

Beautiful decorative eggs in different styles, sizes and models.


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What can we offer you

Here you will find everything related to the world of cold porcelain, tools, tutorials, free resources and a community ready to share with you your growth process in this beautiful pastime that you can turn into your local business and earn profits.
Face-to-face events and online workshops.
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“My dream is to share this beautiful art with the people like me, adults who want to have a great hobby in their homes and create beautiful decorative objects for them and their families. and why not, create a business based on it..”

Yvonne Santiago


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